Proud of being part of the bicycle communities in Sofia and all around the globe. Sofia Bike Rental is a place where you could buy, assemble, repair, renovate, and customize your bicycle. Through the years, we have specialized in road, city, and hybrid bikes. There are two things that makes us most happy – to build high-end custom bicycles and to bring back the life in your old classics! We cycle for re-cycle and hold a deep belief in team working. Our methods are grounded on discussion and planning before we start anu action. Each bicycle deserves an individual approach and that’s what we aim to do. SBR’s mechanics are openly promoting and demonstrating the art of bicycle maintenance. It is our conviction that cycling is one of the most intelligent and ecological ways of transportation in and out of the city, and we give our best to encourage it.

            Sofia Bike is not only a bicycle service and rental but a shop where you could find both new and second-hand components, and accessories. You will get our mechanics’ best advice and guidance while choosing the parts that you need. We care about the future of your bike. Don’t forget that each bicycle is not just wheels to transport yourself but a project that could extend your experience and perception of riding and moving around. Treat your bicycle with respect and it will return it to you as a good and unconditional partnership.

            We invite you to our bicycle laboratory! Let’s cycle together!

Repair Services